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Listing Data Checker – Saves You Time and Emails!

We appreciate the accountability you provide your fellow REALTORS® by reporting any incorrect MLS listings. However, Listing Data Checker does {most of} the work for you!

Here is a list of things that are automatically checked and fined:

  • Lead Based Paint Disclosures
  • Square Footage Duplication
  • Owner Name
  • Photo Upload
  • Branding in the Remark Section (not in photos)

If you need to report something that is not on this list, please send a detailed email with what needs to be corrected to support@somomls.com.

TODAY is the DAY!

The new SOMO MLS Dashboard has officially launched! As of today, you will be able to access the MLS system and all of the resources offered to you by SOMO MLS from one easy, centralized location.
If you haven’t visited the new dashboard today, go to https://dashboard.somo.safemls.net/ and login using the same credentials you always have! Your username is “somo.YOURNRDS#” and your starter password is “somonow”. When you log in, you may be prompted to go through a short enrollment process.

Dashboard Sneak Peak

Dashboard Sneak Peak

With the new dashboard, you’ll be able to conveniently access applications with one, single login. All your favorite resources are just one click away!

We hope you enjoy the new SOMO MLS Dashboard as much as we do! If you have any questions or feedback, please email support@somomls.com or support@gsbor.com. You can call us at 417.883.1226.


Dashboard Launch – TOMORROW!

MLS Launch

Your SOMO MLS Dashboard launches TOMORROW!

Who’s excited?!

You can access this with the dashboard URL or the new SOMO URL provided by Flex MLS. Each URL will have the same end-user experience.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your SOMO MLS staff at 417.883.1226 or support@somomls.com.
Dashboard Sneak Peak

REMINDER: The New SOMO MLS Dashboard Launches Soon!

It’s only ONE week away! The new Southern Missouri Regional MLS Dashboard is going live on MAY 31st.

You will still log in at www.flexmls.com, but the MLS will have a new look and feel. Once you log into the dashboard, all of your applications and resources are just one click away! With some applications, you will gain instant access without needing to login again!

Here’s a sneak peak of what you will see:

Dashboard Sneak Peak

Dashboard Sneak Peak

Think of this dashboard as your virtual office. It will be the central hub for all the resources offered to you by SOMO MLS. Your favorite applications will be one click away, from any device, providing convenience and saving you time!

We’re excited to show you the new Dashboard on MAY 31st!

Looking forward,

MLS Launch

Exciting Changes Coming to SOMO MLS!

At Southern Missouri Regional MLS, we are committed to providing our members with everything they need to succeed. We’ve listened closely to your feedback and have exciting news; Change is coming!

We are excited to announce that we are launching the SOMO MLS Dashboard on May 31, 2017!

This dashboard will be the new center of your work day, bringing you a more modern, convenient way to access all your applications. Don’t worry – You’ll still easily log into the same MLS, we’re just upgrading! The new dashboard will benefit you and simplify your workflow. How?

Access all your applications from ONE place! The new dashboard will offer all of your SOMO MLS membership benefits and third-party applications for convenient, easy access. You’ll be surprised at what is just one click away!
You only need one password to log into everything! Remembering multiple usernames and passwords can be a hassle. The new dashboard is Single-Sign-On (SSO) enabled, which means you only need to remember ONE password to log into multiple applications.

Stay tuned for more information on the new SOMO MLS Dashboard over the next few weeks.

Thank you,

FLEX Tips and Tricks “Violations”

Tips and Tricks Graphic

Did you know that Flex has a link to see your notifications, violations and listings reported through Listing Data Checker?

Here is a Tip/Trick to help: Log into Flex, then click on the Products tab. My Notifications will bring up all notifications emailed to you through Listing Data Checker. My Violations will list all violations you have received. Violations By Me will show all listings you have reported, the status of the response and any associated notes. Red denotes compliancy staff notes, green indicates a violation was created as a result of your ReportIT, Violation States are Active, Corrected and Ignored. If the violation reported was not an actual violation, the violation state will be Not Valid with supporting staff notes. These explanations can be found at the top of the page.