FLEX Tips and Tricks “Violations”

Tips and Tricks Graphic

Did you know that Flex has a link to see your notifications, violations and listings reported through Listing Data Checker?

Here is a Tip/Trick to help: Log into Flex, then click on the Products tab. My Notifications will bring up all notifications emailed to you through Listing Data Checker. My Violations will list all violations you have received. Violations By Me will show all listings you have reported, the status of the response and any associated notes. Red denotes compliancy staff notes, green indicates a violation was created as a result of your ReportIT, Violation States are Active, Corrected and Ignored. If the violation reported was not an actual violation, the violation state will be Not Valid with supporting staff notes. These explanations can be found at the top of the page.


Lockbox Update

Attention Members:

Due to an increase in Supra’s shipping and handling expenses, the cost to lease a Supra BT/LE Lockbox is now $105.00 plus tax.  As always, all Supra BT/LE Lockboxes are covered under a lifetime warranty and can be replaced for any reason other than loss or theft.  Please be mindful of where you attach Lockboxes at a property.  It is recommended that you always attach the Lockbox to something on the porch such as a door knob or chain to prevent someone from taking the Lockbox off the property.  The cost to replace a stolen Lockbox is the same as the lease fee, $105.00 plus tax.  We also want to remind everyone that all Supra Lockboxes are leased and not owned.  The $105.00 plus tax fee you are paying is to lease the box it is not a purchase.  Should you cancel your membership with GSBOR/SWMOBOR, any equipment previously leased to you such as ActiveKeys (keypads) and Lockboxes must be returned to the Board office at the time of cancellation.

Lockboxes are available at the GSBOR/SWMOBOR office any time between MondayFriday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm!

Thank you!

2016 Annual Broker Audit

2016 Broker Audit

Attention Designated Brokers:

Your Broker Audit has been emailed to you. Please, complete your audit form and submit it through support@swmobor.org or by mail to 1310 E. Primrose, Springfield, MO 65804. Audit deadline is February 29th. 

Click here to download the fillable form. Please save it to your desktop BEFORE you enter the information.

If you have any questions please contact the SWMOBOR at 417-883-1226.

Some Bragging Rights


On November 18th, the Southwest Missouri Board of REALTORS® and other members of the community celebrated the building of a pavilion at the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. The SWMOBOR partnered with the Chamber of Commerce to create a gathering place for the city and received a grant from NAR for supplies. Thank you all for your hard work and efforts to make this pavilion possible. This location is important to the city of Aurora historically. It was a site where people could board and get off the trains that came through town. A museum inside the Chamber of Commerce holds historical items that remind the public of its history. They can take tours of the building and the caboose. Now, thanks to the NAR grant and the Southwest Board of REALTORS® efforts, coupled with the community and the Chamber of Commerce, people have a gathering place to watch the trains and take in the rich history of Aurora.




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After (The Completed Pavilion):

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What is RPAC?


Did you know that RPAC is making a serious impact on political issues that affect your business? RPAC supports candidates that are REALTOR®-friendly and have the rights of homeownership as their top priority.

When issues are important to us, we use RPAC funds to fight for them.
If you’ve never invested because you don’t know much about it, we’d love to help you get informed. Check out this short video about the REALTOR® Party and RPAC.

You can explore their website by going to www.realtoractioncenter.com
To make your $15 investment NOW, click here!

NAR REALTOR® Safety Program

A Message from NAR About the REALTOR® Safety Program!


In this video, consumers learn about the potential safety protocols they may encounter when working with a REALTOR®. It’s a great resource to share with clients to educate them about the importance of REALTOR® safety.


Helping NAR members understand the risks they face through knowledge, awareness, and empowerment.

To learn more about the program, click here.

If you need assistance or have suggestions, email safety@realtors.org.

Thoughts on the LDC

The CoreLogic Listing Data Checker (LDC) launched this past week and naturally, like many of the recent changes, we received a lot of questions about the new system…. the following updates are clarifications on the new system.

  1. Be sure to read the e-mails. Many of the notices that go out are COURTESY NOTICES only. This is just the system telling you that there could be an issue with something on your listing. Courtesy Notices are not fineable offenses.
  2. Not all notices are a fineable offense. As per the MLS Rules and Regs, there are only 4 things you can immediately be fined for:
    • New listings not submitted within 4 calendar days.
    • Any change of status not made within 4 calendar days.
    • Listings without a photo uploaded within 4 calendar days.
    • Branding in photos, marketing remarks, or any public viewable fields.
  3. Stay calm.  If something doesn’t seem right about a notice you received, send an e-mail to support@gsbor.com and we will assist you in getting the corrections made. The staff at GSBOR is only fulfilling the direction as prescribed by the Board of Directors. Always be kind, the staff works really hard for you.
  4. Lead Based Paint Disclosures can be uploaded with the Seller’s Disclosure.  You do not need to separate the documents.  LDC only wants to verify that you have the disclosure when the dwelling year built was 1978 or earlier. We have adjusted the settings in the LDC so that we can moderate the disclosures before notices are sent out.
  5. If you use a Not-In-List subdivision, LDC may ask you to verify the subdivision.  Really this is only a reminder to let us know if the subdivision you need isn’t available.  You can ignore this notification if your listing really isn’t in a subdivision.

In an effort to overhaul the massive list of subdivisions in the MLS, the SOMO Regional Board of Directors is continuing to work on developing this list so that entering and searching listings is easier. This project should be complete by the end of the year. If your subdivision is missing, send an e-mail to support@somomls.com and let us know the missing subdivision and which county it is associated with, we will get it updated.

LDC isn’t evil or out to get you, nor does it hide razor blades in its candy.  It isn’t going to issue a fine automatically for every notice you get.  LDC wants to help you represent your listing as accurately as possible and assist the entire membership in having an accurate database with good data.

If you have additional questions, submit your issue to support@gsbor.com. Again, thank you for your patience. 🙂

New Health and Wellness Offerings for REALTORS®


Members Telehealth and Accident Deductible Protection

NAR’s Strategic Alliances Team is pleased to announce the introduction of two new offerings which expand the REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace platform, under the Association’s REALTOR Benefits® Program: Members Telehealth, a telemedicine service plan, and Accident Deductible Protection, a supplementary health plan to major medical.

  • Members Telehealth is a new offering that provides NAR members with convenient, 24/7/365 access to MDLIVE, a network of over 2,300 U.S. state licensed and board-certified physicians and therapists who may be accessed for non-emergency medical issues through telephone, smartphone app, web chat, or email. Telehealth plans offer time savings and convenience. No more waiting days or even weeks to see your doctor; MDLIVE doctors are always on call, including nights and weekends. Additionally, the time spent traveling to a doctor’s office or urgent care facility is eliminated.  Telehealth is currently one of the biggest trends in digital medicine and is an option that top companies have been employing to assist individuals with cost-saving solutions. MDLIVE is a leading provider in the space, and NAR is excited to present NAR members with the opportunity to access quality care wherever they might be.
  • Accident Deductible Protection is a health plan designed to supplement a major medical plan as part of a cost-saving strategy. It helps pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred through an accident. It’s designed to supplement major medical insurance plans that have high out-of-pocket costs and deductibles, and includes the Members Telehealth service plan as a bonus for NAR members.

Please find below a fact sheet outlining details of these new offers. Both plans bring significant savings opportunities to NAR members and their families.

If you haven’t done so recently, I encourage you to explore REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace and remind your members of this valuable resource. It’s an easy to use one-stop shopping site for insurance and wellness product needs, including the privateMembers Health Insurance Exchange, which makes shopping for qualified major medical health plans quick and easy,REALTORS® Dental, SMART Short Term Health, Members Supplemental Health Plans (including REALTORS® Core Health), and Drug Card America, a free prescription drug discount card.

For questions about the Marketplace or the REALTOR Benefits® Program please call me at extension 8269, or contact a member of the REALTOR Benefits® Program team listed in the “NAR Contact Information” section of the fact sheet.

Inman Select

Inman Header Image.jpg

Dear Missouri REALTORS® Member: Today we are pleased to announce that your Missouri REALTORS® membership now includes exclusive access to Inman Select! You can now connect with the latest news and powerful insights from our industry’s premium news service.The team at Inman is just as excited about our new partnership as we are. Please watch this welcome video from Publisher, Brad Inman.Inman Video.JPG

Your Inman Select membership provides you access to:

  • Inman Daily/Weekly headlines
  • Inman Connect announcements
  • Research reports
  • News Archives
  • Inman Video Vault
  • Inman Select Webinars
  • Inman Connect Live Stream

You can also enjoy access to articles focused on portals, brokers, MLS, title, technology, mortgage, franchises, insider news, profiles and industry perspective offered exclusively through Inman Select.

Here is how to activate your account: 

Your Inman Select account is already set up. Watch for an Inman Select Order Confirmation email later today that includes your username, and then log in at Inman.comusing the temporary password, welcome. Once complete, access the latest breaking news, here.

If you need assistance getting started with your Inman Select benefits, contact Inman atcustomerservice@inman.com or call 1-800-775-4662 and press 1 to reach customer service.

We hope you enjoy this new benefit of your Missouri REALTORS® membership and utilize it to stay current with industry news and trends and delivering continued value and expertise to your clients!