RPR Is Coming to the MLS in June 2016!

RPRgraphicSOMO MLS has partnered with RPR so you will soon have access to this extensive database of properties.

Some of the features that you will have access to include MLS trend reports, historical listing comparison tool, Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®), large database of county foreclosure, pre-foreclosure and REO properties and more!

Find out more by visiting RPR online. Please note that this will NOT be replacing our CRS Tax Data that is provided to GSBOR members, it will only be a tool that is in addition to what we already offer.

We anticipate that the launch will be in early June 2016 and we will keep you posted about the available trainings and such. Stay tuned!

2016 Annual Broker Audit

2016 Broker Audit

Attention Designated Brokers:

Your Broker Audit has been emailed to you. Please, complete your audit form and submit it through support@swmobor.org or by mail to 1310 E. Primrose, Springfield, MO 65804. Audit deadline is February 29th. 

Click here to download the fillable form. Please save it to your desktop BEFORE you enter the information.

If you have any questions please contact the SWMOBOR at 417-883-1226.

Thoughts on the LDC

The CoreLogic Listing Data Checker (LDC) launched this past week and naturally, like many of the recent changes, we received a lot of questions about the new system…. the following updates are clarifications on the new system.

  1. Be sure to read the e-mails. Many of the notices that go out are COURTESY NOTICES only. This is just the system telling you that there could be an issue with something on your listing. Courtesy Notices are not fineable offenses.
  2. Not all notices are a fineable offense. As per the MLS Rules and Regs, there are only 4 things you can immediately be fined for:
    • New listings not submitted within 4 calendar days.
    • Any change of status not made within 4 calendar days.
    • Listings without a photo uploaded within 4 calendar days.
    • Branding in photos, marketing remarks, or any public viewable fields.
  3. Stay calm.  If something doesn’t seem right about a notice you received, send an e-mail to support@gsbor.com and we will assist you in getting the corrections made. The staff at GSBOR is only fulfilling the direction as prescribed by the Board of Directors. Always be kind, the staff works really hard for you.
  4. Lead Based Paint Disclosures can be uploaded with the Seller’s Disclosure.  You do not need to separate the documents.  LDC only wants to verify that you have the disclosure when the dwelling year built was 1978 or earlier. We have adjusted the settings in the LDC so that we can moderate the disclosures before notices are sent out.
  5. If you use a Not-In-List subdivision, LDC may ask you to verify the subdivision.  Really this is only a reminder to let us know if the subdivision you need isn’t available.  You can ignore this notification if your listing really isn’t in a subdivision.

In an effort to overhaul the massive list of subdivisions in the MLS, the SOMO Regional Board of Directors is continuing to work on developing this list so that entering and searching listings is easier. This project should be complete by the end of the year. If your subdivision is missing, send an e-mail to support@somomls.com and let us know the missing subdivision and which county it is associated with, we will get it updated.

LDC isn’t evil or out to get you, nor does it hide razor blades in its candy.  It isn’t going to issue a fine automatically for every notice you get.  LDC wants to help you represent your listing as accurately as possible and assist the entire membership in having an accurate database with good data.

If you have additional questions, submit your issue to support@gsbor.com. Again, thank you for your patience. 🙂

Inman Select

Inman Header Image.jpg

Dear Missouri REALTORS® Member: Today we are pleased to announce that your Missouri REALTORS® membership now includes exclusive access to Inman Select! You can now connect with the latest news and powerful insights from our industry’s premium news service.The team at Inman is just as excited about our new partnership as we are. Please watch this welcome video from Publisher, Brad Inman.Inman Video.JPG

Your Inman Select membership provides you access to:

  • Inman Daily/Weekly headlines
  • Inman Connect announcements
  • Research reports
  • News Archives
  • Inman Video Vault
  • Inman Select Webinars
  • Inman Connect Live Stream

You can also enjoy access to articles focused on portals, brokers, MLS, title, technology, mortgage, franchises, insider news, profiles and industry perspective offered exclusively through Inman Select.

Here is how to activate your account: 

Your Inman Select account is already set up. Watch for an Inman Select Order Confirmation email later today that includes your username, and then log in at Inman.comusing the temporary password, welcome. Once complete, access the latest breaking news, here.

If you need assistance getting started with your Inman Select benefits, contact Inman atcustomerservice@inman.com or call 1-800-775-4662 and press 1 to reach customer service.

We hope you enjoy this new benefit of your Missouri REALTORS® membership and utilize it to stay current with industry news and trends and delivering continued value and expertise to your clients!

Another Great Resource for MR Members

InmanWe thought we would share this great resource for you to be in the know!

Inman Select Membership gives teams, companies, associations and MLS organizations a way to become charter Select members, giving their employees and members special access to the breaking news, business intelligence, special reports and industry profiles that are part of the all new Inman Select program.

Only Missouri REALTOR® members may access this subscription through The Landing.

Although the link is not yet live, we expect it within the next 30 days. Read more about the Missouri REALTORS® updates here.

“I read Inman News every day and I couldn’t do business without it. Inman is my go-to source for industry news and information,” said Bob Hale, CEO of the Houston Association of Realtors. “HAR is fully on board with Brad’s campaign to have a more informed and engaged real estate industry at all levels.”

Click here to visit Inman’s website.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 11.02.40 AM

NAR’s Official, New REALTOR® Credit Card

Now Available:
NAR’s Official, New 
REALTOR® Credit Card

I’m pleased to inform you that applications are now available for the new REALTOR® Credit Card, the official credit card of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®. This unique card program was created through a partnership between NAR and REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, to offer a new choice for credit for REALTORS®, Association staff and family members. The card will be offered through NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Program.

Available to existing and new Credit Union members, this card program includes customized real estate-themed designs, exclusive REALTOR® branding options and important features such as no annual fee, no balance transfer or cash advance fees, a comprehensive rewards program, and competitive interest rates that you have come to expect from your Credit Union.

 Individuals are encouraged to apply for two cards with separate designs for each to track personal purchases and business expenses. State & Local REALTOR® Associations, Brokers, MLSs, and Business Account Holders have the option to apply for a business credit card that is not connected to a personal account or individual.

The REALTOR® Credit Card offers a selection of designs that represent members, both as real estate practitioners and advocates for homeownership, including options that appeal to both residential and commercial practitioners, association executives and management, as well as family members.  This card program also offers the option to select a message to be imprinted beneath the cardholder’s name (such as “REALTOR”, “Commercial RE”, “Association Executive”, and “Home Ownership Matters”).

More details about this exciting new offering are listed below and in the attached PDF. If you’re ready to apply for business and personal credit, visit REALTORSfcu.org/REALTORCreditCard.

Should you have any questions about the REALTOR® Credit Card program or NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Program, please contact me (x8269) or a member of NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Team listed below.


NEW! NAR’s Official REALTOR® Credit Card


What: REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, is the exclusive provider of personal consumer and business credit cards for NAR members, Association staff, and family members, under the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

Who: Individuals must reside in any one of the 50 United States or US Territories and must be a current or new account holder with the Credit Union to apply for the REALTOR® Credit Card. The following groups have access to joining the Credit Union and the many services and benefits it offers, including the REALTOR® Credit Card: 

 -Members and employees of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®;

-State and Local REALTOR® Associations/Boards and their employees;

-REALTOR®-owned Multiple Listing Services

-Institutes, Societies and Councils and their employees;

-REALTOR®-owned businesses;

-Family members/household members

A complete Eligibility List is available online at REALTORSfcu.org.


Personal Consumer Cards: To apply for a personal consumer credit card, please complete the application at REALTORSfcu.org/REALTORCreditCard

NOTE: individuals may choose to apply for two cards with separate designs for each to track personal purchases and business expenses. 

If you are not yet a Credit Union member, the membership application is a streamlined application process for both Credit Union membership and REALTOR® Credit Card application. For personal assistance, call 866-295-6038.

Business Credit Cards: For State & Local REALTOR® Associations, Brokers, MLSs, and Business Account Holders interested in applying for credit for business use, please call 866-295-6038.

 Why: NAR selected REALTORS® Federal Credit Union to provide the official REALTOR® Credit Card based on their competitive and creative product offering and their unique ability to meet the needs of NAR Members. Current credit products and features include:

-Personal Consumer and Business Credit Card Options: Offering a competitive APR, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee and no cash advance fee. Members may apply for a personal consumer card for personal purchases and a personal consumer card for business expenses, with different card designs for each. Business (corporate) credit cards are also available through this program.

-Customized Design: REALTORS® have a variety of choices, including customized real estate-themed designs and REALTOR® branding options to display pride as either a residential or commercial practitioner. Additional design options that represent real estate and homeownership are available for family members and non-member association staff.

-Imprinted message: Options to include an imprinted tagline or title below the cardholder’s name such as “REALTOR”, “Commercial RE”, “Association Mgmt”, or “Home Ownership Matters”.

-Rewards Program: Comprehensive rewards program that allows cardholders to earn reward points for purchases and redeem for cashback, travel, merchandise, event tickets, charity donations and more.

-Annual Fee Waiver: No annual fee for either the personal or business credit cards.

-Additional product: Secured credit cards are also available as part of this program to members looking for an option to rebuild credit. For specific information about this option, call 866-295-6038.

Specific product details, APR definitions, reward program details and application requirements are available at REALTORSfcu.org/REALTORCreditCard.

NAR Contacts:

Rebecca Daly
Senior Strategic Alliances Account Manager

Kristin Maurelia
Managing Director, Strategic Alliances

Ken Burlington
Vice President, Strategic Alliances


Note: information is valid as of March 1, 2015 and approved for use through April 30, 2015. If interested in sharing this information past April 30, please contact NAR’s Strategic Alliances Team at 800-NAR-5233.

Now Available! NAR’s Official REALTOR® Credit Card

REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, now offers the official REALTOR® Credit Card. Available in partnership with NAR’s REALTOR Benefits® Program, the program features personal consumer credit and business (corporate) credit card options with a competitive APR, no annual fee, no balance transfer fee and no cash advance fee.

The REALTOR® Credit Card also offers a full-featured rewards program that allows cardholders reward points that may be redeemed for purchases, travel, merchandise, cash back and more. Plus, members can choose cards with customized-themed designs, exclusive REALTOR®branding and the option to select a message to be imprinted beneath the cardholder’s name such as “REALTOR”, “Commercial RE”, “Broker”, and “Homeownership Matters.”

Specific product details, APR definitions, reward program details and application requirements are available at REALTORSfcu.org/REALTORcreditcard.

 About the REALTOR® Benefits Program

The REALTOR Benefits® Program is the official member benefits program of the National Association of REALTORS® connecting members with discounts and special offers on products and services just for REALTORS®. Current partner listing and offer details can be found atREALTOR.org/RealtorBenefits.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook.